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18 Dec 2019

How Do You Take Your Measurements?

By |Dec 18, 2019|How To...|

If it seems strange or unusual to be asked for your body measurements while shopping for clothes, that’s because it is out of the ordinary. Buying clothes that are made to a rough approximation of your body⁠—Small, Medium, Large⁠—is the norm for now, but it doesn’t mean it always will [...]

31 Oct 2019

Your Guide to the 7 Pocket Styles

By |Oct 31, 2019|How To...|

We love pockets. Such functional and simple additions, yet so rarely sighted on our most essential clothing. However, designers are finally hearing our woeful lamentations—pockets are now being sighted all over our skirts, dresses, and even our so-called slim-fit pants. Our affection extends to all pocket styles: secret jacket pockets, [...]

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