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J. Brooks Boutique

I’m Jes Brooks, designer and owner of J. Brooks Boutique. I’m madly in love with all things bold, colorful, and chic.

As a former fitness competitor and self-taught seamstress, I am fascinated with designing and sewing pieces that not only fit well, but reflect my personality. I offer hand-crafted statement pieces for women who are tired of the status quo when it comes to their wardrobes. See my store...


The name Sumissura roughly translates to “made-to-measure” in Italian, as creating personal masterpieces for every woman to wear is one of the main goals of this shop.

Sumissura allows women to express their very own personal style through the suits, shirts, and slacks that they wear. In addition, users are given the chance to customize every garment with unique personalization options to add a distinctive touch. See my store...

Tammi Anne Barker

Tammi Anne Barker is an emerging garment designer, living in beautiful British Columbia. She works primarily in natural fibers, and has a love of collaboration with other artists and designers.

Tammi celebrates time honoured techniques and incorporates them into beautiful, wearable pieces. See my store...


TEYXO is an independent Romanian fashion brand whose fun and playful designs achieve the perfect union of elegance, freedom, comfort, and beauty.

Founder Lara Popa is not just an entrepreneur and designer, she’s also a successful actress and filmmaker. Fashion is Lara’s family business—her mother owned a clothing manufacturing business and the two collaborate frequently in creation of the Teyxo lines. See my store...

ZaZa Boutique

“Zaz It” we always say, which is synonymous with pieces that make a woman feel fun and feminine. Zaza Boutique is more than just an online store; we want to send you the emotions behind our creations.

We are a small but growing boutique based in Bucharest, Romania with the goal of bringing couture quality and design to people at an affordable price. We use old-world tailoring skills, including embroidery and jewel details, so you feel like royalty wearing a ZaZa Boutique garment! See my store...

ZeBra Bras

ZeBra Bras is a high-tech custom bra company. We use 3D printing and modeling to hand-make all of our undergarments from scratch.

We use 3-D modeling and printing to produce the perfect bra for any body. Our products are completely customizable and made-to-order, so you can prioritize comfort, support, or appearance in your bra. We are dedicated to providing undergarments to people of all genders, and are proud to count chest binders and breast forms among our custom products. See my store...