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Aiste Anaite

I am Aiste. My cat Kacius and I live in nature. Together, we design clothes that make you feel beautiful, comfy, and safe.

I only work in natural fabrics which I pre-soak and enrich, then “sculpt”, and lastly design into a garment based on your body and inspired by your inner beauty. See my store...

Anastasia Chatzka

Chicago-based fashion designer Anastasia Chatzka was born and raised in Detroit. Those early years spent exploring the expansive Detroit music and art scene helped shape the womenswear designer she is today.

The Anastasia brand consists of fun, feminine, and cutting edge ready-to-wear and custom-made designs. Rich colors, prints, and textures are woven into the DNA that is recognizably an Anastasia garment. See my store...

Ashley Nell Tipton

Plus-size designer and Project Runway-Reality TV star, Ashley Nell Tipton, has taken the fashion world by storm, putting her plus-size collection on the runway during New York Fashion Week 2015. With that first ever plus sized collection she went on to win that season of Project Runway, an international reality competition that features designers from all over the world competing to win the title of Best Designer.

After creating successful lines of ready-to-wear clothing, plus-size accessories and even eyeglass frames, Ashley has by popular demand created a specialty couture collection that is made to measure and limited release. Register for early access

Delia von Hahn

Luxury, comfortable everyday clothing essentials for women to look and feel beautiful. See my store...

EUG Fashion

We make Handcrafted Contemporary Womenswear WHERE FASHION & FREEDOM COLLIDE. We make ALL SIZES & ALL AGES! The clothes you choose to wear are an expression of your unique personality. See my store...


Celebrate your individuality. In a world where you can be anything, be yourself. Create a garment that feels authentic, soulful, and honest. Designed by you for you. See my store...


Samshek is being built on its foundations of Innovation, Individuality and Immediacy. It follows a zero waste policy to develop sustainable methods for crafting a customized outfit.

All the products are designed in Italy and made in India with high quality of materials ethically sourced. Samshek believes in its quality and happy customers. See my store...


Shantima is a small clothing design studio located in southern Israel. We work almost entirely in linen, because of its eco-friendly and sustainable qualities, as well as the comfort and beauty of how it feels. In our design, we strive for simplicity and comfort and prefer direct and trapezoidal silhouettes, laconic cut and layering. We pay great attention to the color palette of fabrics and its diversity. We rarely use fasteners, and instead prefer tapes, ties and elastic bands which increase comfort and flexibility.

We make all kinds of separates, and we also make exclusive “capsules” that feature 3-7 pieces in each. They are compatible with each other not only in color but also in terms of functionality - thereby the problem of how to combine them is instantly solved. See my store...


The name Sumissura roughly translates to “made-to-measure” in Italian, as creating personal masterpieces for every woman to wear is one of the main goals of this shop.

Sumissura allows women to express their very own personal style through the suits, shirts, and slacks that they wear. In addition, users are given the chance to customize every garment with unique personalization options to add a distinctive touch. See my store...

Tammi Anne Barker

Tammi Anne Barker is an emerging garment designer, living in beautiful British Columbia. She works primarily in natural fibers, and has a love of collaboration with other artists and designers.

Tammi celebrates time honoured techniques and incorporates them into beautiful, wearable pieces. See my store...


TAVROVSKA is the brand created for women who combine elegance and refined classic style to break stereotypes and go beyond the rigid frames of business style. In order to meet your expectations, we surprise you with bold fashion, original combination of colors, high quality and perfect workmanship.

We show the ease of playing with fashion, at the same time revealing the best of your figure. See my store...


TEYXO is an independent Romanian fashion brand whose fun and playful designs achieve the perfect union of elegance, freedom, comfort, and beauty.

Founder Lara Popa is not just an entrepreneur and designer, she’s also a successful actress and filmmaker. Fashion is Lara’s family business—her mother owned a clothing manufacturing business and the two collaborate frequently in creation of the Teyxo lines. See my store...

ZaZa Boutique

“Zaz It” we always say, which is synonymous with pieces that make a woman feel fun and feminine. Zaza Boutique is more than just an online store; we want to send you the emotions behind our creations.

We are a small but growing boutique based in Bucharest, Romania with the goal of bringing couture quality and design to people at an affordable price. We use old-world tailoring skills, including embroidery and jewel details, so you feel like royalty wearing a ZaZa Boutique garment! See my store...