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Aiste Anaite

Established 2000

Vilnius, Lithuania

About Aiste

I am Aiste. My cat Kacius and I live in nature. Together, we design clothes that make you feel beautiful, comfy and safe.

I only use natural fabrics. Before sewing, I cut the fabric and soak it in water that is enriched with minerals that ensure the fabric won’t shrink after use. It’s also important to me to make sure that my fabric will take good care of your sensitive skin!

Aiste’s “Sculpture on Fabric” process comes after that. A unique technique, invented by me, transforms the flab piece of natural fabric into a wonderful textile sculpture with twists and turns, peaks and valleys.

The last step of my journey is that I design and sew your garment based on your body measurements and inspired by your personality and inner beauty.

Brand Values

Our values are those of love, beauty, and harmony and we achieve these through the cloth we sculpt, the geometry of our garments, and the quality of our fabrics.

I believe in actually “doing” and not just saying. Therefore, my lifestyle as a designer is simple. Everything we do as a brand is done with the environment in mind—we must be careful with Nature because she is our biggest gift and we depend on her more than anything. Most people know this, but don’t necessarily act based on this as a guiding value. Aiste Anaite aims to “do” and not just to “say”.

The other biggest thing that we care about is our bodies. We need to care about our bodies and the reason I work in natural fabrics is to put the utmost importance on the safety of our bodies. Also, we all just want to feel good about ourselves and our bodies and what we wear is a way to achieve that. I want our clothes to achieve that value.