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Established 2017

Seattle, Washington

About Samshek

Samshek was initiated by two siblings making it happen while being in two different parts of the globe dreaming of changing the way an individual buy’s clothing. When Sam was graduating from London College Fashion, she came across the idea of customization to help women reflect their individuality through their wardrobe of affordable custom clothing. She discussed the concept with her brother who blended the concept of customization with modern era technology to accelerate the process of manufacturing and making a quick delivery while making it affordable for the customers. Sam leads the design team with the aim of producing trendy and comfortable designs for Samshek’s happy customers.

Both the siblings were influenced by the ethical practices followed by their family business and thought of bringing a change in the clothing industry within the Indian region. All the products are proudly made in India with high quality and ethically sourced material. The founders plan to make a change in the industry by setting up a large scale awareness campaign in the near future for increase in average wages of seamstresses, prohibiting sweatshops and improving working conditions for employees in India, which are majorly exploited by Unicorns of Fast Fashion market.

Brand Values

Samshek uses premium fabrics, which are ethically sourced and produced without using any harmful chemicals. A virtual inventory system allows Samshek to follow a zero waste policy while crafting each outfit and creating no waste before and after the manufacturing process. Samshek is following the direction of sustainability and environment friendly practices from fabrics to customer satisfaction.