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Established 2012


About Shantima

Shantima is a small clothing design studio located in southern Israel.

Our goal is to help express the harmony between external and internal beauty in every person who comes to us, so we create high-quality linen clothing that truly reflects the individuality of its owner.

Everything is made to measure and considers the person's height, body type and physical characteristics. We make all kinds of separates, and we also make exclusive “capsules” that feature 3-7 pieces in each. They are compatible with each other not only in color but also in terms of functionality - thereby the problem of how to combine them is instantly solved.

In our design, we strive for simplicity and comfort and prefer direct and trapezoidal silhouettes, laconic cut and layering. We pay great attention to the color palette of fabrics and its diversity. We rarely use fasteners, and instead prefer tapes, ties and elastic bands which increase comfort and flexibility.

Eco-friendly and fully biodegradable linen has natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It doesn't create static and protects against ultraviolet radiation. It also allows the body to breathe! That's why clothes made from linen fabrics are so comfortable, particularly in warm weather. Linen can be layered and worn year-round, though.Linen is very wear-resistant and with time it only gets better. A high quality tailoring ensures that you are most likely to never wear our clothes out!

Shantima is a community of like-minded people and friends around the globe. We easily recognize each other in the crowd, even if we speak different languages. To be among us, you don't need a club card, perfect appearance or special connections. The main thing is to understand where and why you are going, and have the desire to follow the call of your heart.

We believe there is nothing in this life that happens just by chance. This also means that your meeting with us was not accidental either.

Welcome to Shantima!

Brand Values

You recognize them easily.

Bright, authentic, harmonious.

People who have found their way.

They are free. Free to be themselves. At any place, time or state of mind.

It is so simple and so difficult at the same time - to follow where your Heart leads you and not to betray yourself on the way, right?

But here at Shantima we know that there is nothing more important.

We make clothes for such people. People who choose to follow their own way, feeling the call deeply inside.

People who are looking for their true selves, always, whenever and wherever.

People, doing what they can't not to do.

Shantima designs are all made of linen, because we believe that it is a special material, and its eco-friendly qualities are as important to us as how it feels.

Did you know? Linen clothing gets less dirty, due to the special structure of the fabric with even and smooth hairs on the surface that repel dirt! So you don’t have to wash it very often, which saves water. And all our designs are washable linen, no dry cleaning or chemicals required.

The sustainability of our fabric production is also very important for us. We buy linen from reliable and transparent sources so we know the whole process of fabric manufacturing, and where possible we use the work of local specialists.

We minimize waste in our production process: if we have remnants, the fabric is used for creating new designs that will complement our collection: belts, bags, wallets.