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Established 2012

Zurich, Switzerland

About Sumissura

The name Sumissura roughly translates to “made-to-measure” in Italian, as creating personal masterpieces for every woman to wear is one of the main goals of this shop. The name definitely fits the vision.

Sumissura understands that every woman today is on a tight schedule and has little time to try on outfits. That is why this online shop has been designed to be as streamlined as possible.

Sumissura allows women to express their very own personal styles through the suits, shirts, and slacks they wear. In addition, users are given the chance to customize every garment with unique personalization options to add a distinctive touch. Much like the world around us, fashion is constantly changing. Sumissura wants to assure every woman that they too can keep up with the latest trends. With a catalogue of more than 180 fabrics, Sumissura enables women to find a fabric they love. Offering all of this and more at affordable prices, Sumissura makes sure not to sacrifice at all in garment quality.

Brand Values

Sumissura Is an ethical fashion brand. It is very important to us to emphasize this concept because we really believe that you buy our products not only because they fit you like a glove but also because they are produced ethically.

Our tailors working in our factory in Shanghai have fair contracts and enjoy medical and other comprehensive benefits for themselves and their families, according to a sustainable business model that does not rely on exploitation. They don’t just have a job; they have careers—most of them having been with our company since we started this adventure in 2012.

Our commitment to sweatshop-free labor practices is a long-term investment and a demonstration that an ethical and sustainable business is viable. The employees of Sumissura would like to thank you as every time you choose our products, you are supporting these sustainable practices too.