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Tammi Anne Barker

Established 2018

Mission, British Columbia, Canada

About Tammi Anne Barker

Fashion can tell a story through silhouette, colour, theme. What you dare to wear makes an immediate impression. How do you want to be seen? What story do you want to tell? Make a statement.

Tammi Anne Barker is an emerging garment designer, living in beautiful British Columbia. She is a master tailor, trained in fashion at Kwantlen Polytechnic, as well as under Belgian couturière Helen Lefeaux. Tammi works primarily in natural fibers, and has a love of collaboration with other artists and designers. She celebrates time honoured techniques and incorporates them into beautiful, wearable pieces.

Tammi communicates to her customer through her designs. Her life, loves, past present and future, highs and lows; the passions of a lifelong lover of style.

Brand Values

Tammi Anne Barker is manufactured in Canada, by me and people close to me. Because community is very important to me, I buy my fabric and supplies from local stores. I know my fabric supplier's mom, and I've hung out with my pattern grader's children. I waste as little as possible, and what I don't use I donate to Our Social Fabric, a textile recycling initiative in Vancouver, British Columbia.