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Established 2014

Galati, Romania

About Teyxo

TEYXO is an independent brand, based in Romania, offering custom made clothing for women. Since 2014, Teyxo has offered a wide variety of products from asymmetric dresses, tunics, and coats to plus size pants, vests and tops. Mixing outstanding designs with quality fabrics, Teyxo creates a wide range of colors and cuts. Their fun and playful designs achieve the perfect union of elegance, freedom, comfort and beauty.

Founder Lara Popa is not just an entrepreneur and fashion designer, she’s also a successful actress and filmmaker, as well as publisher of a lifestyle site TeyxoStyle to showcase her passions of fashion, travel and celebrating amazing women. Fashion is Lara’s family business—her mother owned a clothing manufacturing business and the two collaborate frequently in the creation of the Teyxo lines.

Brand Values

For all our items, we use imported fabrics from the best suppliers, typically in Italy and Turkey. If you ask us #WhoMadeMyClothes, there is a whole team involved in the process of making your garments!

Our plant is in Romania, and all of our employees are local. After we make the first design, we have someone in our team who receives the pattern and scales it for every standard size. This is the person who, when we get an order, cuts the fabric according to the size's pattern and then adjusts for the measurements of that customer.

After this, we have another person who measures everything once again and double checks the fabric for flaws. Then, another person takes over and starts putting the pieces together at the sewing machine. In some cases if the item has buttons, studs, or other accessories, someone else is in charge of that process. When everything is done, the person who initially checked the fabric takes the final item, cleans up dangling threads, carefully checks the measurements and the design, irons it and then gets it ready to ship to you!