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ZaZa Boutique

Established 2011

Bucharest, Romania

About ZaZa Boutique

“Zaz It” we always say, which is synonymous with pieces that make a woman feel fun and feminine. ZaZa Boutique is a brand that we established 7 years ago in order to personalize shopping. We were one of the first brands selling made-to-measure collections online, ready to ship in 7 business days, no matter the garment.

We decided to establish ZaZa because we were stubborn about not wanting standardized clothes ourselves. As classical tailoring is a declining art, it left us no choice but to make our own collections piece by piece, customer by customer.

We try to channel our couture know-how into a lineup of looks suited to more dressed-up occasions. Our collections strike a wearable balance between fun, seductive, and sophisticated. We use luxurious fabrics and classic cuts, but with a modern twist.

Brand Values

We strongly promote the idea that it is best to have well-fitting clothes in your closet, rather than a huge horde of ill-fitting ones. That’s why we make sure not to create “fad” items and to use extremely high quality fabrics—we want to create clothing that lasts. Our fabrics are typically sourced from within Europe, and we look for durability as the main criteria—as well as luxurious color and texture—so that clothes will last and not fall apart like fast fashion garments do.

We all have kids who we love and care about future generations, so we try to make as little waste as possible. We use our leftover fabric to make stuffed dolls, which we donate to kindergartens.

Our garments are made in our shop in Bucharest, and all our employees are paid a fair wage with benefits. We are committed to keeping a small carbon footprint and providing fair labor practices for our employees.