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Beautiful fashions from around the world, made-to-measure and customized to fit your body.

Nearly 50% of women today say they hate shopping because they can't find clothing that fits well and expresses their personal style. We aim to change that by bringing you a different kind of marketplace experience: entirely custom made clothing.

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Every item we sell is made exactly to your measurements, and we save your fit and style info for easy shopping.

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Talented designers and Balodana style concierges work directly with you to ensure your satisfaction and a perfect fit.

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Shop hundreds of looks or create your own. Many of our designers offer customization and even full bespoke service.

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Why Buy Custom Made Clothing?

Why buy bespoke clothing instead of off-the-rack? Why go through the effort of getting your whole body measured in detail? Getting everyday clothing made for you was once common across America as late as the 70s, but is something lost to most people today. We want to bring far more custom made women’s clothing into your life. Why do we care?

There’s something special about the fact that styles you are wearing were made specifically for your body and aren’t one of a thousand copies from a store. How could you not feel like royalty? That made to measure clothing item is not only the perfect fit for you—and compliments your body shape—but also it’s much better for the environment.

You’re less likely to throw away extremely high quality clothing with which you have no fit issues! And because Balodana custom dressmakers have no inventory (when you place an order, the designer brand creates that item for you from scratch), they’re wasting less material manufacturing piles of clothes that are never worn. Therefore, made to measure women’s clothing is actually much better for the environment, too! Visit our blog for more information on the differences between made to measure, custom, made to order, and bespoke, as well as more benefits of what we like to call “slow fashion”.