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Apply to Become a Balodana Design Partner

At Balodana, we celebrate the custom clothing makers of the world! And we want to help women of all sizes and personalities to personalize your gorgeous designs for themselves.

We know you. You’re in the business of bespoke clothing manufacturing—you’re not the average designer. You’re a designer who goes above and beyond and pours your passion into the art of creating beautiful clothing that doesn’t just fit your clients perfectly, but also empowers them. You understand the complexities of the female form, the challenges of inclusive sizing and the need for a more sustainable fashion industry.

Our goal is to help you propel your vision to greater heights. Let’s grow your business and make you an internationally-known brand. The net result is not just increased revenue to help you expand your line, but also participation in a sustainable and ethical fashion revolution.

Who should apply?

In order to ensure that all Balodana merchants deliver the highest quality product to our customers, we look for not just talent but also experience in delivering made-to-measure clothing via the Internet. Be prepared to talk through your process for how you deliver garments that fit perfectly, and how you deal with problems. We offer our customers a fit guarantee, so you should be prepared to uphold it.

We also want our partners to share similar values as us and produce fully made-to-measure clothing in an ethical fashion, so we speak to each and every brand who would like to be a part of the Balodana marketplace.

Why should you apply?

The primary benefit if you’re selected to join our marketplace is that you’ll be among a limited group of designers so you’re showcased well and often. Unlike mega-marketplaces, we offer a higher quality, curated experience for customers.

Additionally, you’ll gain:

  • Broader sales base (particularly in the US)
  • Promotional opportunities and marketing campaigns
  • 1st tier customer support to answer basic questions and also to provide style guidance to customers - saves you time and expands your virtual sales team
  • Full range of customer payment options
  • Help with storefront onboarding and product merchandising
  • Feedback from customers for product improvement and line expansion
  • Access to other makers to share experiences and ideas

Join dozens of other top-rated brands on the one marketplace exclusively for
made-to-measure and bespoke women’s clothing!

Fill out the form below to request an interview. If you are outside the US, we happily use
Skype and Whatsapp.

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