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Happiness Guarantee

Your Happiness is Our Mission

When we set out to build our company, we envisioned that our “Why?” for Balodana was to make women happy! (And also, save the planet...lofty goals, yes, but we aim high around here.)

We know it seems risky to buy something custom-made, but did you know that the “failure” rate for custom made clothing online is significantly lower than buying ready-made online? It’s true! It’s because each garment we make is slow-fashion, and we’re not churning out 1000 copies of it. We know that statistically speaking, we have a pretty good shot at making you happy with the fit and quality of our clothes just by partnering with experienced tailors and talented bespoke designers. We further try to improve our odds by asking you for detailed measurements, photos and plenty of communication with your design team upfront and during the process.

But what if it doesn’t fit?

That’s where our Happiness Guarantee comes in. Each of the designer partners we work with is committed to your happiness as well. If your garment doesn’t fit you, we’ll ask you to take it to a local tailor that you like (or we’ll hook you up) and we’ll reimburse you for the alterations, up to 25% of the garment price. In most cases, we have found this to be sufficient. If the garment cannot be altered, or there is a quality issue with the original garment, we will work with you and the designer to coordinate a solution which may include a full remake.

What if there’s another issue?

If there is another issue such as quality or a mis-order, we’ll facilitate a solution between you and the designer partner to ensure your happiness. If you receive the wrong garment, for example, we will work to get the correct order sent quickly.

Is there any fine print?

Yes, but only a bit and we think you’ll find the terms reasonable:

  • Problems with your order must be reported within 14 days after delivery.
  • You must provide proof of alterations (receipt) within 30 days after delivery.
  • Refunds are limited to 25% of the product price, and will be returned to your credit card if received within 30 days after delivery. If received after 30 days, refund will be issued as store credit for this designer only.
  • Refunds will not be issued if receipt is received beyond 90 days after delivery.

You must provide a receipt for the work done. If a full remake is requested, you must provide proof that the garment cannot be altered (such as a confirmation by your tailor, or photos showing the issues) or there is a different problem that can’t be resolve with alteration. We’ll document the details of all resolutions in writing with you so you are well informed and supported throughout the process.

Why don’t you have returns?

Putting aside the environmental impacts of shipping boxes around the planet and dumping items in a landfill, returns simply don’t make economic sense for us or our designers. A garment that was made uniquely for your body can’t be resold - it is “size YOU” and not a standard size. We can keep our prices very affordable and still make you happy by enforcing this policy. We have found that nearly any garment can be altered to fit, and it’s such a better outcome when you are partaking in the process and the final result!

If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to talk. Contact us.

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