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15 Jan 2020

In 2020, Push Your Own Boundaries

By |Jan 15, 2020|Musings|

So…new year, new decade. What are you going to do about it? If you’re like most people, you’ll post on social media about a resolution or two, vow to be more grateful and eat fewer carbs, and then slide back into the routine you’ve had forever. But a few [...]

  • Women Being Measured
18 Dec 2019

How Do You Take Your Measurements?

By |Dec 18, 2019|Faceted Navigation|

If it seems strange or unusual to be asked for your body measurements while shopping for clothes, that’s because it is out of the ordinary. Buying clothes that are made to a rough approximation of your body⁠—Small, Medium, Large⁠—is the norm for now, but it doesn’t mean it always will [...]