Do you believe in the saying, “New Year, New You”? If you want to gain confidence and indulge in a little self-care in 2022, one place to start is your personal wardrobe. The most flattering clothes are those that take into account your unique shape as well as the latest trends. On this week’s blog, we embrace the enviable curves of the pear body shape and share suggestions on what to wear and what to dump!

Pear bodies (also called triangles) range in size from petite to plus, but they have a few things in common. Do you have wide or full hips, narrow shoulders, and a small bust?  If so, then you’re a pear 🍐. Celebrity pears include Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Rihanna.

Pears have a lot to be proud of, too. Because of their larger hips, pear waistlines are usually well-defined. Many pears also have full, muscular legs and shorter torsos.

Making the top half of the body more proportionate to the rest should be the main goal when dressing your pear shape.  Discover fresh and flattering new fashions by incorporating the tips below.

What to Wear When You’re a Pear: Tops

off shoulder custom made top

Pear shaped bodies look amazing in off-shoulder blouses and puffy sleeves

Adding more bulk to the shoulders and bust area is an easy way to balance out your bigger hips and, ahem, butt. A good push-up bra is a great foundation, and don’t be afraid to go with a little extra padding in this area. Wide necklines, cowls, and shoulder-baring looks are perfect for a pear. Layering is another tool to add heft to a narrow frame, so feel free to grab that blazer or funky cardigan, but avoid boxy shapes that disguise your attractive waistline. Go wild with bright colors and patterned tops that draw the eye upward. Textures and embellishments along the shoulders and bust also create interest. Another thing you want to do is cinch your waist. Tops that taper at the waistline, like peplum and belted tops, help create an elegant balance, but avoid tops that hit awkwardly at the widest part of your hips.

Debate: Keep an eye on your sleeve length. If your sleeves are longer and dip toward your waistline, go with something more tapered and fitting toward the wrist. If you are wearing a short sleeved top, add volume to your top half with puffy, flowing, or embellished sleeves.

Pants for Pear Shaped Bodies

Since you’re already packing curves in your hips and thighs, you don’t need to draw additional attention to the area, but flat front pants create a smoother silhouette that hugs your hips and thighs better than pleated pants. Boot-cuts are flattering because they avoid too much flare, which can contribute to a bottom-heavy appearance. High waisted pants accentuate your waistline and balance out your narrow top half. Opt for dark colors and simple stitching with no embellishments. When it comes to jeans, loose fitting styles that accommodate your generous butt and thighs are best. 

Debate: Slim or straight but not skinny. Skip the skinny jeans and opt for slim-straight styles that are roomier in the butt.


Skirts are great way to smooth over the hips and butt. Fabrics that skim over the hips and drape the body will show off your shape without adding volume. As with pants, a higher waistline can help elongate the torso to create a more balanced shape. The ideal hemline for a pear is knee-length or mid-calf. A-line skirts are a feminine classic and a perennial favorite for pear bodies.

Debate: Some full skirts can give you a great silhouette if paired with a belted or form-fitting top, but avoid skirts with tiers that add additional weight to your already curvy areas.

white custom made mini dress with twist at neckline

The neck detail on this custom made dress draws the eyes upwards and balances hips


The pear body has a lot of attractive options when it comes to shopping the dress rack. Fit-and-flare and A-line dresses are a top choice for pears as they accentuate the waist and show off your assets. If it’s suitable, off-the-shoulder dresses are a great selection as they draw the eye to the bustline, collarbone, and neck. X-style and wrap dresses are a modest, yet flirty way to achieve a balanced look overall. Belted dresses, or those with embellishments on the waistline, are also flattering. If you’re selecting a gown, an empire waist is an option that can elongate the shorter torso. Go bold with prints or bright colors, or stick to a little black dress. 

Debate: Dresses that are wide at the bottom actually can help draw the eye away from the hips, but skip designs with a dropped waist as they can make you look bottom-heavy.

Key Takeaways

  • Your tops should build volume for your upper half by accentuating your shoulders, bust, and waistline.
  • Keep bright colors and embellishments relegated to the top part of your body. Opt for darker colors on the lower half.
  • Show off your shoulders, but don’t hide your curves either. Soften your shape with flowing fabrics that drape the body, but don’t cling or add volume.
  • A-line skirts and dresses are a default classic for a pear shape.

The good news is that your shape doesn’t change even if your weight fluctuates. Made-to-measure clothing is specially tailored to your unique measurements. Balodana has a selection of clothing to suit all body shapes and sizes. When ordering custom, your own waist, hip, and bust measurements are factored into the creation of the garment, something that is especially beneficial to curvy bodies. And for sure you can always message our designers to ask their expert opinions on what customizations you could make to a style to enhance your body shape.

A few recommendations from the Balodana style consultants: If you have a pear shaped body and want an outfit that get all the attention, we suggest The Lily of the Valley dress by Tavrovska. You can also spice up your wardrobe with The Girl Next Door white crop top from Samshek, or for a unique yet modest outfit, the Every Monday midi dress from Lithuanian designer, Aiste Anaite.