So, you’ve been thinking of making your first custom-made fashion purchase. Perhaps a few of Teyxo’s designs have caught your eye, or maybe you’re totally smitten with a Sumissura suit that would look phenomenal next fall.

You reach for your credit card, confident that you’re making the right choice, and then it hits you: you have NO IDEA what your measurements are. Sure, a few sizes come to mind when you think about the clothes you wear, but half the reason you’re shopping made-to-measure is because none of them FIT right. So you’re right back where you started, frustrated about fit and confused about what size to buy.

Not so fast!

Balodana’s handy measurement guides are designed with the impatient and frustrated in mind.  We know you’re more than just a single number. You’re size YOU. Your unique combination of measurements will unlock an entire world of custom clothing. All you need is a tape measure and a friend (or a friendly tailor) and half an hour.

When beginning your style journey, it’s important to remember that tailor-made isn’t the same as fast fashion. In the world of Amazon, we’re used to instant gratification. As with any artform, it takes time for a designer to customize, cut, and stitch your fashion creation. But once you gather your measurements and create your custom profile, you’re able to order whenever and whatever you desire, all in just a few clicks.

Still unsure if you’re ready for this undertaking? Thinking it might be easier to wear that same dress you wore to two weddings, a reunion, and a retirement party last year? A wardrobe makeover is a small time investment, but the confidence you’ll feel from purchasing affordable, comfortable fashion is long-lasting. Let us provide you the reassurance you need with answers to the 3 of the most common measurement questions we see:


1. How long will this take?

Typically, a tailor or alterations specialist can have you measured in fewer than 20 minutes for core measurements (most commonly needed). That’s less than the amount of time it takes most of us to shop for a single outfit in a department store. Our handy measurement guide has a full list of all the measurements you need to order any type of outfit, from a custom suit to a special occasion dress, and has illustrations to show you exactly what each item means.

Download Balodana’s PDF for convenience, or show it to your dressmaker online. Since not all tailors use the same technique for some items such as sleeve measurement, you can show them the illustrations to confirm how they will measure. If you’re already working with a professional, it makes sense to gather all your measurements at once. This will save you time in the event that you decide to make another purchase.


2. Do I have to go to a tailor to get measured?

Nope! You can take many measurements yourself, and have a friend help you with the rest. Some articles of clothing, such as custom jumpsuits and rompers, are much more measurement intensive. However, our illustrated guide makes it so easy, a child could do it! The first time you take your own measurements, we recommend having someone around to “spot” you. You could also take every measurement twice to ensure you get the same number every time.

If you’re taking measurements yourself, don’t feel pressured to take down everything at once. A few measurements may be a little more challenging and could require a second set of hands (or some flexibility). In these situations you may wish to ask a friend for help, or speak with your designer about your fitting.

Learning how to take your own measurements is a very attainable skill! While you can go to a tailor or have a friend help you out, you have the total ability to be self-sufficient.


3. What happens if I get it wrong?

If you are honest with yourself and with the designer, you have nothing to fear from your numbers. In the rare case that a measurement is so off that a garment is not wearable, you have two options:

First, you may find a local tailor or seamstress who is able to alter what you find problematic. If you’ve been following along, you’ll realize how important it is to build a relationship with a local pro.

Secondly, we suggest reaching out to the designer and to Balodana. Our Happiness Guarantee is here to help.

If you’re still unsure, just refer to the top of our measurement guide to feel grounded, or contact us to walk you through it. There are 8 standard numbers that most women already know that will give your designer a basic guide to your shape. However, the more of your unique measurements that you are able to provide, the easier it will be to shop.