We have an idea for your next party with the gals: a “You Are Size You” measurement party!

From cosmetics to clothes, at-home parties have become a part of the American shopping experience. There are some perks to parties that make them appealing to busy women: you have the ability to structure your time and experience, and you can consult with peers and experts about products you’re considering. Of course, the best part is laughing loudly with your friends and drinking wine while shopping!

However, one of the biggest turn-offs of these same parties is the pressure to make a purchase, especially if it’s not a product you really want.

If you host a “You Are Size You” measurement party, no one will attempt to sell you anything! You’re helping women feel empowered and own their personal data, so they can use it how they want. Having your measurements is your key to more easily find clothes to fit (have you noticed how many online shopping sites reference body measurements in their sizing guide?), and also to unlock a whole world of made-to-measure custom fashion. Getting a group together is a great way to get those pesky numbers out of the way once and for all.

It only takes about 10-15 minutes to measure each guest (even after a few glasses of rosé), and we promise it will be painless! If you don’t have a tailor or seamstress on speed dial (most of us don’t), then never fear. You can easily take all the measurements you need with just a pal or two. And while many custom made outfits only call for basic dimensions like waist and bust, it’s a good idea to knock out all the metrics at once because once you do it will be that much easier to order whatever top, skirt, or paisley fringed jacket your heart desires.

Now that you’re thinking seriously about inviting some friends over, here are some things to think about as you plan:

1. Who to Invite

You have an idea about the kind of party you want to host, but now you’ll want to put some thought into who you’re inviting. To make it more inviting to everyone, make it clear that there is nothing “for sale” at your party – unless you’re doing a joint party with other guests who have products to promote. If you plan to take measurements yourselves, only the size of the space and comfort of your guests limits the number of participants.

However, before you think of inviting the whole PTA or your old high school pals, remember that not everyone is equally comfortable sharing their body measurements or being touched. No one has to strip down to their skivvies, but they should wear form-fitting clothing. If you have more reserved friends (or just prefer a more relaxed get together), you may wish to keep the number small and more intimate. If you plan to involve a professional to take measurements, this would be a good thing to consult them on as well.

2. Choose a Time

Pick a time when most people can relax – a weekend afternoon or Friday evenings are great options. Also choose a start and an end time, which will help people be more timely. If you intend to have your guests measure each other, or you have a small guestlist, then a short time span will work well (2 or 3 hours).

If you plan to have a seamstress or other professional performing the measurements, then you may wish to give each guest a set “appointment.” The party may be ongoing, but this is good way to be respectful of the tailor’s time. Furthermore, a professional may have suggestions to about the number of guests or how much time they will need to gather each guest’s measurements.

3. Choose a Place

Comfort and privacy are two things to consider when hosting your measurement party. This is as easy as fluffing up some pillows in your living room and bringing in a few extra chairs. Room temperature is also important. Time to lower the shades on your windows and, if it’s chilly, turn up that thermostat. For full privacy, use a separate room for the measuring team.

4. What to Wear

Ideally guests should feel comfortable getting down to their bra and underwear to be measured, but not everyone has that kind of confidence. Guests who are shy might opt to wear leggings or bike shorts and a tank top or loose fitting shirt that is easily maneuvered around. The bra is the most important thing – don’t wear a sports bra, as it mashes down your chest! Wear the bra you most frequently use (padded or unpadded). Some guests may wish to bring an extra set of clothing, something that they feel fits them perfectly. This can help aid with measurements. It also give them something to slip into if they want to change or get a different measurement.

5. What to Bring

Though you might decide to have a theme (a watch party of Project Runway or a used clothing exchange are two of our favorite ideas), we suggest having a few basics on hand:

One new measuring tape for each guest – these can be fun or inexpensive, but make sure they are easily legible.

Simple snacks that are not too messy or too “bloaty” – it’s better that whatever you’re eating doesn’t get in the way.

Printouts of the Balodana measurement guide, or note cards and pens to keep track of measurements. They can also make free profiles on Balodana.com on their phones, to store their measurements securely along with other style and fit preference information. We suggest having each guest keep track of her own measurements so that they don’t become confusing and also for data privacy.

And, of course, wine (a non-alcoholic punch, mimosas, or sangria are also acceptable)!

Ta-da! Easy Peasy

Congratulations, you now own your “Size You” measurement data! Most of your measurements will not change over time, but it is recommended that you update your waist, bust and hips every 6 months or if there has been a weight change. You and your guests will find it very useful for buying custom clothing and any internet shopping, or as an easy reference for tailoring.