New “E-Spoke” Marketplace Addresses Retail Failure: Fitting Women’s Bodies Without Sacrificing Style, Balodana puts made-to-measure clothing in reach of every woman

CHICAGO, IL October 19, 2018 – Ask any woman and she’ll tell you: it’s getting harder and harder to find clothing in America that fits American bodies. And the convenience of e-commerce has not improved the situation, particularly for one demographic: women over 35. New research shows that 76 percent of women over age 35 who shop online have experienced occasional or frequent issues with finding well-fitting clothes.

Wouldn’t it be great if a woman could find a department store where every single item from lingerie to daywear could be made precisely to her body measurements?

Now she can. Balodana, a new online marketplace launching in November, is the solution for women who want to invest in stylish and higher quality clothing that fits their bodies, rather than a random size ideal. The marketplace will sell made-to-measure wares from designers all around the world at prices comparable to traditional retail (from $70 and up). Balodana will also offer style concierge services and direct communication with the designers and manufacturers. Eight designers are participating in the launch— representing a variety of styles—and more will be introduced after the launch.

Founder and CEO Dana Todd started the business after experiencing her own post-menopause fashion crisis. “My body changed, but not my personality or desire to look powerful and confident,” Todd says. “I was struggling mightily with my options, which ranged from ill-fitting to frumpy. I work in technology where the dress code is relaxed, but an executive woman my age can’t wear either a hoodie or a stuffy suit. Then I stumbled on a dressmaker in Romania who created fashion-forward designs that were made to measure, and the light bulb went off! It’s been gratifying to meet talented bespoke manufacturers around the world and in the US who want to help us bring back the dressmaker, and every woman I’ve spoken with is very excited about the concept.”

Balodana will exhibit at the Midwest FUND Conference in Chicago, Oct. 24-25. The site will be opening in limited beta in December 2018. Interested customers can sign up for grand opening deals and early notification at

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