So…new year, new decade. What are you going to do about it?

If you’re like most people, you’ll post on social media about a resolution or two, vow to be more grateful and eat fewer carbs, and then slide back into the routine you’ve had forever. But a few of you out there are pondering bigger changes — maybe you lost your job and you’re plunging into interviews; maybe you got promoted and you want to start out the new year on a powerful step towards your career goals; maybe you got engaged and you are seeing yourself reflected in someone else’s eyes. Maybe you had some body changes and you’re still navigating the outcome.

Any of these are great excuses to take stock of what’s great about you, and what’s really worth investing in for personal growth. If we’re not changing, we’re not growing, right? And while clothing can’t solve everything, you still have to get dressed every day to take on these changes.

You might as well consider adding a few tweaks to your personal style in 2020 — or even a total makeover! One of the best investments you can make in yourself is making sure your wardrobe matches your internal potential and personality. How many of you are wearing clothes that are a style compromise just because “it’s comfortable” or “it hides my butt/belly”? Or you are now in your 30s and you’re still wearing clothes you wore in college?  Kudos to you for still fitting in those clothes, but do they really reflect who you are now, or want to be?

I recently recorded a short webinar that you might enjoy. At 54, I still carry the ghosts of my punk rock roots in my head, and struggle with the idea of  “What is age-appropriate dressing?” Watch it below:

It’s tough to do your own makeover, but you don’t have to do it alone. A number of women turn to their friends or fashion magazines for advice, others hire a personal stylist to help them break their old fashion habits. [Side note: in 2020, Balodana is rolling out a partnership program with personal stylists across the US – hit us up if you know someone to recommend!] The style specialists at Balodana can also help you mull over what to wear, particularly as it relates to fit/flatter. We continuously learn so much from the tailors and dressmakers we work with, and it’s interesting to hear the different approaches to fashion and body types across the various countries they represent.

It’s becoming rather an epidemic for women of all ages to figure out what to wear to work these days, particularly if you work in a so-called “casual dress workplace” like technology. We hear stories from young women who want to be take more seriously for career growth, and mature women who are afraid of looking too stuffy and old. Nobody seems to agree on the rules, because there really aren’t any rules! After the scandal hit this year of Ernst & Young and their finger-wagging about sexy dressing at work, it seems no matter what you do or say you’re probably wrong a little bit (or right a little bit). And don’t get us started on the yoga-pants-at-work argument, it’s almost as controversial as the election debates!

Whatever you decide to do this year with your life and your style, we’re here to help! It’s our solemn belief that part of feeling confident in your clothing has to do with making conscious and considered choices about what you buy and wear.

We have some inspo for you, too:

Custom made work dress
custom made white dress midi with gold buttons